VORON 2.4 full kit

VORON 2.4 3d printer full kits are available. Some of the parts require an additional processing (plates, frames) and are in limited supply. There is a 1-2 weeks lead time on full kits. Please submit your specific configuration using the preorder app. You can also contact us with any questions and custom kit requests.

Installing bearings

When bearings and shafts are properly matched, it might seem like bearing does not fit. Well, the bearing is supposed to fit super tightly while being strictly co-axial with the shaft. This is to prevent any slippage and wobbling. In order for it to fit, you need to align bearing with the shaft and then …

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Using reflective film

This is just the usual coroplast sheet, with the reflective film applied. It looks cool and also should reflect the heat coming from the print bed, to heat the print volume and not the coroplast.